Subject: European Network of Defence-related Regions (ENDR) Newsletter | November 2020

ENDR Newsletter - November 2020
European Raw Materials Alliance for a more resilient and greener Europe
European Commission launched the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) on 29 September 2020. The Alliance’s vision is to secure sustainable access to critical and strategic raw materials, advanced materials, and processing knowledge for the EU industrial ecosystems.

By 2030, ERMA’s activities will increase the production of raw and advanced materials and address Circular Economy by boosting the recovery and recycling of critical raw materials.

In the last few months, the European Raw Materials Alliance received strong endorsement and support from over 150 stakeholders from industry, associations, European governments across multiple industrial sectors and value chains.

The Alliance is one of the key actions highlighted in the Commission's Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials, adopted on 3 September 2020. The Action Plan recognised the importance of critical raw materials to strategic sectors such as defence.
European Conference Advanced materials for defence applications, 12-13 October 2021, Gothenburg, Sweden
The European Commission and the Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association will bring together in a joint ENDR event European companies, research organisations, academia and authorities to exchange views on the potential of advanced materials for Europe’s defence sector and opportunities offered by the various EU programmes, including European Defence Fund.

Participants can also benefit from business-to-business (b2b) opportunities, visits to an outstanding cluster on graphene and state-of-the-art research and company sites.

  • Armed forces’ views on the use of advanced materials in defence
  • Funding opportunities at national and EU level
  • Good practices, ideas and applications of advanced materials for military use
  • Dual-use projects and future trends.
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European Conference Future skills for Europe’s aerospace and defence industry, 21-22 October 2021, Rzeszow, Poland
Europe’s aerospace and defence industry relies on highly skilled peoples. At this ENDR event, organised by Rzeszow University of Technology, Aviation Valley Association and the European Commission, we will explore from a knowledge triangle perspective, challenges and opportunities for cross-border collaboration for skills providers, European policies supporting skills development, and industry future needs.

There will be an opportunity for business-to-business (b2b) meetings, and for visiting technical labs.
  • Industrial needs in aerospace and defence sector
  • Technical and soft skills of today and the future
  • New skills driven by emerging technologies
  • European policies supporting the skills development with concrete examples
  • European instruments supporting development of educational materials to apply in skills development
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European Conference The soldier of the future, interconnection between defence, cyber and space technologies, 9-10 November 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark
The European Commission and Center for Defence, Space and Security (CenSec) will bring together in a joint ENDR event a wide range of defence-related participants from European SMEs, prime contractors, national and international authorities to knowledge institutions and cluster organisations.

The rapid development of new technologies and increasing interconnectivity in systems across defence, cyber and space forms the future battlefield, which will have an impact on the role of the future soldier. More advanced, smarter, and flexible defence combat units with linked and networked equipment will be at the heart of future warfare.

The future soldier will rely on technologies such as autonomous systems, AI, light-weight electronics and advanced materials, improving the level of protection and situational awareness. 

The event provides business-to-business (b2b) opportunities, a defence-related exhibition, and opportunities offered by the various EU programmes, including European Defence Fund.

  • Technological innovations, equipment and systems of future warfighting
  • Interconnectivity and resiliency of capabilities
  • Specific role of the future soldier
More will come soon. 

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Aerospace and defence sector joined Pact for Skills
The Pact for Skills, the new major upskilling and reskilling initiative of the European Commission, was launched on 10 November at a high level event during the European Vocational Skills Week 2020.

Organised by the European Commission and the German EU Presidency, the event featured Commissioners T. Breton for industry and N. Schmit for employment, German Federal Ministers, social partners’ representatives, and executives of large European companies. These former represented the first sectors joining the Pact, namely aerospace and defence, automotive, and microelectronics. 

By joining the Pact, stakeholders will get an efficient access at EU level to networking, skills intelligence and resource hubs, access to information and guidance on EU funding and programmes for skills development to recover from the Covid-19 crisis and achieve successfully the digital and green transitions.

Aerospace and defence has been identified as an important sector to partner up with under the Pact due to the severe consequences of the pandemic, the strong engagement from the industrial players, as well as its progress under the European Defence Skills Partnership and the ASSETS+ project. This includes synergies with the ENDR and its members who have developed skills initiatives. Such synergies will continue.
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